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A current screen shot:

Free CMMS is a web based Computerized Maintenance Management System released under the GPL license. It is free to use and free to modify (see the GPL License). It aims to be a feature rich CMMS that meets most plant maintenance departments needs for managing work orders, PMs, parts inventory, and labor tracking.

For downloads, documentation, bug reports, news and developer information visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/free-cmms/.

Online Demo

To use the demo login as:
username: manager
password: manager
Try the demo. The database is automatically reset each day. The demo quite sketchy. I think this is due to the host (Sourceforge) using multiple web servers while free-cmms is not configured for such a setup.

You will have manager level access. The scripts still require a few modifications to run properly at Sourceforge so if you run into errors just email me. Please be aware the the Sourceforge database servers are not very speedy. Actual performance on a company intranet will likely be much faster.


Free CMMS was started out of neccessity by me (a Plant Engineer) when the money for a commercial CMMS was chopped from my budget. I picked up a PHP/MYSQL book and intended to write a bare bones work order system. I got a bit carried away and soon realized that the quality and functionality of commercial CMMS's were not beyond my reach. I decided to release the code as open source hoping that others would find the program usefull and contribute to its development. Commercial CMMSs typically cost upwards of $10k. I think within a year, Free CMMS can impliment 80% of the functionallity of most commercial packages at (if my major in math serves correctly) 0% of the cost.


Snapshots of the development version of free-cmms can be found here. This will always be the latest version of free-cmms but it is a development version. If you find a bug in one of the official releases check the snapshot to see if if has been fixed before reporting it.

The latest release can be found here.

Currently it is best to download the snapshot version. Free-cmms is quite buggy and the release is not significantly more stable than the snapshot. Plus the snapshot will have all of the latest features and bug fixes.